Rachel Brosnahan and James Corden Team Up for 'The Marvel's Mrs. Maisel'

Jan 16 , 2020

Rachel Brosnahan and James Corden Team Up for 'The Marvel's Mrs. Maisel'

By: Katherine Schaffstall


Rachel Brosnahan and James Corden joined forces to give The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel a Marvel twist on Tuesday's episode of The Late Late Show.

The segment opened with Brosnahan sharing that she and the creators of the Amazon show discussed ending the acclaimed series after its first three seasons to conclude it on a high note.

"That's where I came in," said Corden, wearing a beret. "My vision was to take the biggest thing in television, Mrs. Maisel, and combine it with the biggest thing in film. Oh, what’s that sound? It's a billion-dollar box office gross!"

The two explained they eventually came up with the idea for faux crossover The Marvel's Mrs. Maisel, which would star Brosnahan and be directed by Corden.

The actress admitted she was originally skeptical about the idea, but Corden explained the similarities between the show and movies. "They both speak truth to power. They both have memorable catchphrases. And they both have daddy issues."

They then debuted clips from the crossover. The first showed Brosnahan's Midge admiring Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet. "Look at those rocks," she said. "Is there a Mrs. Thanos? How many carats?" The villain answered that he didn't know how many carats are on the powerful glove because he "never got it appraised." He added, "I think one of them is tanzanite."

Corden yelled cut and told the Thanos actor that he would not know this information because he's "an extraterrestrial interdimensional god of war" who has "never been to the diamond district before." 

"This is my follow-up to Cats. I've got a reputation to live up to," Corden shouted.

In an interview setting, Corden and Brosnahan admitted that they initially had a difficult time trying to balance the two worlds.

Brosnahan next shared a scene with Captain America, who was unable to fight off an enemy because Midge was busy using his shield to reflect the sun while sunbathing. Corden yelled at her for disrupting the scene, and the actress argued that she was told to use the shield. "It's an action movie. You use it to defend yourself," said Corden. Brosnahan countered, "I am defending myself — against pasty, blotchy skin."

"In hindsight, maybe it wasn't the smartest idea to base an entire big-budget blockbuster on a mildly clever, convoluted pun," Brosnahan said during the interview, though Corden argued that "all of the best movies are based on mildly clever puns."

In another scene, Midge asked Spider-Man if he was related to Dr. David Spiderman on the Upper West Side. Corden informed her that the hero's last name is not Spiderman, but she said it was a common last name and that she goes to temple with at least five Spidermans.

The actress and director ultimately decided that the crossover was a story best left untold, though that didn't stop Corden from brainstorming. His next idea was The Marvelous Mrs. Marmalade, which Brosnahan said she wouldn't put her name on.